ModeX is dedicated to developing next-generation multispecific biologics for cancers and infectious diseases.

ModeX’s platforms unite the power of multiple biologics in a single molecule to create multispecific antibodies and vaccines with unprecedented versatility and potency against complex diseases.

Foundations for leadership

We are a leading developer of multispecific biologics. Our capabilities are built on decades of collaboration amongst our team at the highest levels of medical research. We have achieved several breakthroughs in recent years that drive our work to create medicines that save lives.

ModeX is founded by eminent medical innovators Gary Nabel and Elias Zerhouni as well as R&D leaders Zhi-yong Yang, Ronnie Wei, Chih-Jen Wei and Elizabeth Nabel

Members of our team publish in Nature Cancer describing the ability of a trispecific antibody to enhance the therapeutic efficacy of tumor-directed T cells

Members of our team publish in Science, describing the ability of a trispecific antibody to provide treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS in non-human primates

While at Sanofi, the team creates a trispecific antibody that engages three targets with a single antibody

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Drs. Elias Zerhouni and Gary Nabel create Breakthrough Laboratories within Sanofi Global R&D to explore first-in-class technologies and concepts

OPKO Health

In May 2022, we merged with OPKO Health to begin a major new phase for both companies as a united entity with a shared vision for transforming medicine. Over decades, OPKO Health has built a diversified business under the oversight of Dr. Philip Frost, a successful physician entrepreneur, and an experienced leadership team. ModeX brings to OPKO groundbreaking multispecific biologic platforms and expertise through our management team’s world-leading biomedical innovation leadership.

In combination with OPKO’s deep operational and development capabilities, we are strongly positioned together to move multiple programs in parallel through clinical development and accelerate our strategy to deliver a portfolio of first-in-class multispecific biologics for cancer and infectious disease.

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